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Pisell Catering Cloud Manager, not only only the code-scanning ordering function but also contains the website + code-scanning ordering + takeout pickup + reservation table booking and other diversified functions of the industry solutions to help you improve the economic efficiency of the enterprise.
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Catering Business Challenges
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High operating costs
High hourly labor rates overseas, resulting in rising staff costs and burdening overall operations
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Single ordering business
Traditional catering stores do not support online reservation and takeaway, and the problem of single ordering business still exists.
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Cumbersome operation process
The traditional ordering process requires multiple steps, and manual operation is prone to errors and confusion.
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Slow order processing
Relying on waiters to order manually may lead to slow ordering, especially during peak seasons.
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Single way to attract members
Lack of unified management of the membership system, low member viscosity and loyalty, unable to form a private area of traffic.
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Electronic management of the whole process from ordering to serving, eliminating labour costs and improving operational efficiency.
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Building a Powerful Restaurant Website
• Quickly build a personalized website • Enhance the online presence and sales of your restaurant • Accept online reservations • Allow customers to make reservations 24/7 • Promote your restaurant with powerful marketing tools • Simple and easy to use for online business management and development
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Customize your multi-card menu
Customize your menu • Set up different menus, such as breakfast, lunch or late night snacks and serve them at specific time slots • Showcase your menu items with beautiful pictures • Guide your customers' orders by adding new labeled categories e.g. Vegetarian, Fitness Essentials •
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Accept customer orders from your website
• Conveniently manage your orders through the online ordering system • Improve dining efficiency by allowing customers to choose self pickup • Save on high commissions from takeaway platforms • Support multiple online payment methods
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Table reservations accepted 24/7
Customers can easily reserve a table on the website • You can view your reservation information in real time and adjust it flexibly • Use customizable forms to collect customer reservation information • Set rules such as maximum table length, maximum party size, etc • Use table reservations for marketing to drive sales •
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Use multiple payment methods
• Online payment: credit card/Alipay/WeChat Pay/Apple Pay/Google Pay, etc • Offline payment: cash, credit card, Alipay, WeChat transfer, etc • Convenient for you to manage and settle payments, helping to reduce payment costs
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Offline code ordering
Scanning the QR code on the table sticker • Guided ordering design greatly increases the click rate of star dishes • With Pisell LitePOS, customers can order food by themselves • the kitchen will print and the cash register system will receive the orders • which is highly efficient and stable • Fully save labor, reduce operating costs •
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Diversified Login Methods
• Anonymous login: eliminate the user login step, improve the use of efficiency • Cell phone number or e-mail login: convenient to collect customer information and provide follow-up services. • WeChat/Apple/Facebook login: fast login, bringing more user traffic. • Diversified login methods to improve user experience and increase user retention rate
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Our Advantages
Comprehensive Catering Solutions
✓ Seamless connection from ordering to order processing to back-office management. Help you get rid of the tediousness of traditional catering business and inject higher efficiency and flexibility into your business
Enhance operational efficiency
✓ With features such as autonomous reservation and automated order processing, you can better manage your resources and business processes, thus reducing wasted time and effort
Superior Customer Experience
✓ Pisell is not only focused on optimizing your internal operations, but also on enhancing the customer experience. With a fast ordering process, you'll create a great dining experience for your customers
Multi-language switching
✓ You can freely switch your store language to Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese or English to meet the needs of different language customers and attract more international tourists
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